The Winemakers

 • Gérard Doreau
• Eric de Suremain
 • Paul Garaudet
 • Jérome Gerbeault
 • Bernard De Suremain
 • Jacky Clerget
 • Dom. Potinet-Ampeau
 • Eric Boussey
 • Domaine Douhairet
 • Alain Billard
 • Laurent Boussey
• Domaine Changarnier
 • Florent Garaudet
 • Sebastien Deschamps
• David Dubuet
 • Ulrich Dujardin
 • Domaine Darviot-Perrin

Monthelie, a very charming Burgundian village, is situated in the middle of rich vineyards adjacent to Volnay and Meursault and is 7 kms south of Beaune.

Its name derives possibly from Montelyum, mount of the sun; mont Lyoei, mountain of Bacchus; or more probably, from the Celtic Mont Olye, the highpoint of the road. Although opinions differ, it is this last derivation which agrees best with the topography of the region.

This village is of ancient origin since the discovery of a Gallic cemetery is spoken of there, as well as pieces of earthenware, ceramics, dolmens (standing stones) and the traces of a round temple from the same era.

Sloping and narrow, boasting a 12th century church, a lavoir (communal wash house), an 18th century ch�teau, old houses and fine cellars, the village was for a long time under the authority of the Abbey of Cluny.

It is therefore well worth while for you to stroll around and linger in this medieval site, preferably on foot. Through its narrow and winding lanes, you will be able to discover the treasures of Burgundy, a genuine heritage.