The Winemakers

 • Bernard De Suremain
 • Laurent Boussey
 • Domaine Darviot-Perrin
 • Florent Garaudet
• Eric de Suremain
• Domaine Changarnier
 • Jacky Clerget
 • Eric Boussey
 • Paul Garaudet
 • Alain Billard
 • Dom. Potinet-Ampeau
• David Dubuet
 • Jérome Gerbeault
 • Sebastien Deschamps
 • Gérard Doreau
 • Domaine Douhairet
 • Ulrich Dujardin


Community Delegates to the network of Sites Clunisiens (Cluniac Sites): Geneviève Darviot and Philip Evans

Monthelie rejoined the network of Sites Clunisiens in February 2008.
Confident of its past and its dependence on the Abbey of Cluny, the village of Monthelie is very keen to develop its heritage, which also reveals its local and regional history.

The emblem affixed at the entrance to the village and on the church testifies that a « collection of buildings » possessed a link with the Abbey of Cluny from the 10th to the 18th century. This emblem is a rosette in the form of a marguerite surrounding two crossed keys and a sword.