The Winemakers

 • Sebastien Deschamps
 • Domaine Douhairet
 • Ulrich Dujardin
 • Paul Garaudet
 • Bernard De Suremain
 • Eric Boussey
 • Jacky Clerget
• Domaine Changarnier
 • Jérome Gerbeault
 • Laurent Boussey
 • Gérard Doreau
 • Alain Billard
 • Domaine Darviot-Perrin
 • Florent Garaudet
• Eric de Suremain
 • Dom. Potinet-Ampeau
• David Dubuet


Président Jacques Rudolph
Contact : Mr Michel Deschamps

This association was created in March 2004 following the synergy developed between some Monthelians at the end of the St Vincent Tournante.

The aim is to encourage the village of Monthelie to discover its heritage and its terroir.
It organises festive and cultural events as well as sales of regional produce.