The Winemakers

 • Dom. Potinet-Ampeau
• Domaine Changarnier
 • Gérard Doreau
 • Florent Garaudet
 • Jacky Clerget
 • Laurent Boussey
• Eric de Suremain
 • Domaine Darviot-Perrin
 • Paul Garaudet
 • Domaine Douhairet
 • Sebastien Deschamps
• David Dubuet
 • Alain Billard
 • Bernard De Suremain
 • Ulrich Dujardin
 • Eric Boussey
 • Jérome Gerbeault

The Monthelie appellation

The vineyards extend over183 hectares :

  • 43 hectares of regional appellations
  • 100 hectares of the « Monthelie » appellations « Monthelie »
  • 40 hectares of the appellations «  Monthelie 1er cru »

You can find 1er cru in the following climats (specific vineyards):
Les Champs Fillets, La Velle, Les Riottes, La Taupine, Le Cas Rougeot, Le Château Gaillard, Le Clos Gautey, Le Meix Bataille, Les Vignes rondes, Les Duresses.
and since 2006, Le Clou des Chênes, Les Barbières, les Clous et le Clos des Toisières.

Monthelie Village

The authorised yields are 50hl for red wines, 57hl for white wines.
The vineyard’s elevation is between 230 and 370m. The soils are Oxfordian marls and ancient alluvial deposits.
The exposure is East, South and West.

The gustatory characteristics : The red wines develop powerful aromas reminiscent of red or black berries (cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry….) when young which evolve towards the notes of forest-floor after about a dozen years. The silky and elegant tannins give them a good balance and excellent ageing potential.
The white wines, golden with a hint of green when young, have the notes of fresh almonds on the nose, plenty of fleshiness (fat) and mellowness in the mouth, backed by a balanced acidity which contributes to its development.

Monthelie 1er Cru

The authorised yields are 48hl for red wines, 55hl for white wines.
The AOC (Appellation Origine Contrôlée) 1er crus approved by the National Committee on 2 June 1983 : all except those below
The AOC 1er crus approved by the National Committee in 2006 : Le Clos des Toisières, Le Clou des Chênes, Les Clous, Les Barbières and part of Les Riottes.

The gustatory characteristics : In addition to the characteristics of Monthelie village, the 1er crus are fuller bodied, well-structured thanks to the fine tannins, and endowed with a pronounced bouquet. The wines are more complex and more profound. The wines of Monthelie have nothing to be ashamed of in comparison with their near neighbours, Volnay for reds and Meursault for whites.

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Advice for wine tasting and choosing appropriate food.

The red wines of Monthelie, depending on the vintage, combine strength and finesse. Served at a temperature between 16° to 18°, they can perfectly accompany red meat, with or without a sauce, game, poultry and cheeses such as brie, reblochon and brillat-savarin.
As they age, they will they will develop other fragrances and flavours for your added pleasure.

The white wines of Monthelie will be best enjoyed at a temperature from 11° to 14° as an apéritif, with fish poached or in a sauce, with shellfish and with many cheeses such as chèvre, bleu or comté